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Here is a selection of Q&As from Your Kent Wedding magazine. If you would like your question answered by our experts, please email it to editor@yourkentwedding.com.


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Hot topic: Sharing the responsibilty

Our experts answer questions on how to get your loved ones involved in the big day

Here to help

Here to help


Q. My mother-in-law really wants to assist my fiancé and I with the organisation of our wedding. Obviously I love her dearly, but she can be a little overbearing at times. I want to include her, so what is the best task to give her free rein on?


A. Toni Davey says: One of the most time consuming tasks is organising the stationery, so why not ask her if she can give you a hand with this? Once you've decided on your guest list and had your invitations made, this is the time when you could ask your mother-in-law to take charge. Brides-to-be are often surprised at how long it takes to put the invites together, label and stamp the envelopes, pop them in the post and then await the RSVPs. It's the perfect opportunity to include your mother-in-law who likes to have some responsibility.

Remember though, it's little things that count like showing her pictures of the choices you and your husband-to-be have made, or taking her to see your chosen venue. If your budget allows, treat her to a pre-wedding spa day as a thank you for all of her efforts.


Glitz and glamour

Glitz and glamour


Q. My husband-to-be and I are getting married in a barn and the venue has agreed we can decorate it the day before. I would like our friends and family to join us but I'm worried that organising everyone could stress me out. How many people would you recommend to ask and which tasks should I delegate to whom?


A. Toni Davey says: Having the opportunity to decorate your venue a day before the wedding is a great opportunity and as it's a barn you can really go to town with the décor. I suggest dressing the beams with organza, fairylights and ivy - it will look lovely during the day and the dim lighting will have a stunning and romantic effect in the evening.

Many hands make light work, so for jobs such as putting the chair covers on and decorating the tables, the more people you have to help the better. I suggest you make a list of what you need to do the day before and then allocate a task to your family and friends or put them in teams for the bigger jobs. As the bride-to-be you can then oversee everything and make sure it's how you would like it.


All together please!

All together please!


Q. My partner and I are having a large wedding with over 100 guests. We would like to have lots of group photographs but we're worried about organising everyone. Also, as my fiancé only has a best man and two ushers, I'm not sure if they alone could manage. Who should be our next port of call?


A. Tim Stubbings says: It's amazing how many people want to help out on the day so ask family members to get involved. They can aid in getting the groups together, so think of it as a team effort - photographer, best man and somebody from each side of the family. Make sure that guests who are helping with the organisation get an opportunity to talk before the wedding and agree a plan of action.


Waste not, want not

Waste not, want not


Q. I would like to have the flowers moved from the church to the reception venue. Would it be possible to ask the florist to do this?


A. Karen Woolven says: It's perfectly acceptable for you to ask your florist to transport the flowers from the church back to your reception venue following the ceremony, and most will only charge you a small fee. Whether the florist will be able to do this, however, will depend on whether or not the flowers can be transported in their entirety without damage to the overall design, and it will also depend on the scale of the arrangements. Church flower displays tend to be quite large and heavy and are typically made in situ, therefore proving difficult to move. Talk to your florist to get more of an idea about what could be done on the day.


Logistics, logistics

Logistics, logistics


Q. I have always had my sights set on a chocolate cake for the big day but I'm worried about the delivery, setting it up, whether it will melt and sharing it out. Will the cake designer be able to help me out?


A. Sue Pridie says: A chocolate wedding cake will be sensitive to temperature so I recommend you talk to your cake maker and the venue about how they can store it. The designer should be able to deliver the cake and set it up, as well as ensuring the room temperature is satisfactory and it's kept away from direct sunlight. During the reception, you could ask a guest to help to serve the cake, or you could always ask the caterers to dish it up for dessert.


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Francesca Lee
Francesca Lee, Editor of Your Kent Wedding magazine

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