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Ask the experts

Here is a selection of Q&As from Your Kent Wedding magazine. If you would like your question answered by our experts, please email it to editor@yourkentwedding.com.


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Hot topic: Colour coordination

Our experts answer questions on perfecting the colours for your big day

In the pink

In the pink


Q. We have chosen a pink colour scheme for our nuptials in six months time and we would like to incorporate this into the cake. I am having lots of pink flower arrangements on the day so it would be great to include these in the design. What kind of styles can you suggest?


A. Sue Pridie says: Sue says: There are various designs that you could consider to complement your day. Colour blocking in between the tiers with natural flowers will bring out the shades of your blooms and is perfect for a romantic look. To suit a vintage theme, consider one or all of the tiers being covered with pale pink icing and decorated with intricate piping in white or ivory. For a classic style, I suggest a tiered iced cake decorated with sugar or natural posies, or a cascade of flowers down the side of the cake.


Winter blooms

Winter blooms


Q. We're getting married next December and as yet we haven't decided our colour scheme. We would like everything to match so we think it's a good idea to pick the flowers first. Which blooms would you recommend for a winter wedding?


A. Karen Woolven says: The main flower of the winter season is the amaryllis bloom. These flowers can form the basis of any great design and, as they have large flower heads, you don't need a huge amount of stems to make an impact. They come in beautiful shades of white and cream, some of which are shot with red and pink. Be cautious though as they do have stamens which are very similar to an oriental lily, so I would suggest that you ask your florist to remove them as they may stain if left in. Other flowers that are in season include tulips, anemones and ranunculus and delicately scented paperwhites. Don't forget that foliage at this time of year looks great mixed with blooms and it should be easy for your florist to get hold of glossy green laurel and pine, as well as holly and ivy.


Colour scheme dilemma

Colour scheme dilemma


Q. My fiancé and I have recently got engaged but as I have only ever attended two weddings I am a little overwhelmed with the amount of decisions we have to make. My best friend recently got married and has said that choosing a colour scheme is a good starting point. How do couples decide on this beforehand?


A. Toni Davey says: Toni says: When choosing your colours you and your husband-to-be need to think of which shades you like and what you would both be happy with on the day. Don't be afraid to use strong bright colours such as fuchsia, purple and red for a statement look, or for a more a subtle scheme why not opt for soft hues such as dusky pinks and blues. And if you still can't decide, why not go for shades of white? It worked well for Kate Middleton and Zara Philips - their bridesmaids all looked stunning.


Old-fashioned snaps

Old-fashioned snaps


Q. We have decided on a 1930s theme for our wedding but we are in two minds about what style of photographs to have in our album. I like the idea of keeping everything consistent with a retro theme and having black and white photographs but I'm worried that if I don?t have any colour shots I may regret it in years to come. Can you help?


A. Tim Stubbings says: Tim says: A retro theme can be great fun and can also create some fantastic photographs. Thankfully though, photography is in the digital age which means that we shoot in colour and apply various black and white techniques later. Ask your photographer for examples of his or her work in this area, as black and white does not mean simply taking out the colour. I suggest that you have both types of photographs in your album but on separate page layouts. You might also ask your photographer about their experience with classic lighting techniques, such as Hollywood lighting, which has a dramatic effect.


A winter wedding

A winter wedding


Q. My partner and I both love Christmas so we decided to set our wedding date for around this time. We have chosen a rich gold and ivory colour scheme, do you have any suggestions of how we can style this into the décor?


A. Toni Davey says: Toni says: The colours you've chosen are great to work with. To start, ask the venue whether or not they supply Christmas trees, and, if they do, you can decorate the trees to match your colours, using large gold and cream glass baubles and twinkling fairylights. You can also make use of other features within the venue, such as dressing the fireplaces with hurricane lamps and the staircases with foliage sprayed in rich gold with ivory organza bows. If your budget allows include table cloths, runners and napkins, as well as chair covers with sashes to fit your colour scheme. You can also add holly, ferns and pine cones into the mix for the ultimate Christmas wedding.


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Francesca Lee
Francesca Lee, Editor of Your Kent Wedding magazine

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